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  • More and more people want to buy locally but do not have time to drive to the farms. Instead of making numerous phone calls to inquire what is available and where, and at what price, many people in cities just give up. Making your farm available for online browsing and optionally ordering can increase your customer base.
  • Update your products availability and pricing, and process orders from your computer any time you want. Instead of answering phone calls when you are busy you can update your profile any time you wish.
  • A consumer must register first if they wish to order. They will have to provide their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. You receive an order through this Web site. It is up to you whether you accept the order and deliver it to that particular consumer. A consumer pays directly to you. No payment is processed through this Web site. We provide a feature to keep a list of all your customers.
  • When a consumer places an order for you, you will receive an e-mail notification. You can also check your orders through this Web site at any time. If you accept the order it is up to you to arrange the delivery with the consumer. You can keep all your orders, along with your comments for future reference.
  • Optionally make a receipt from an order, and view or search your receipts later.
  • There is no fee for farmers.