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  • The purpose of this Web service is to connect farmers and consumers, not only by providing the list of the farms, but also by listing the products available at any given time, along with the price. In addition the ordering mechanism is implemented to save everyone's time.
  • From the comfort of your home see what local farmers have to offer, check pricing and availability, and order. Some farmers deliver to your doorstep for a fee.
  • Inquire about products and price, and check availability, all in one place.
  • Ordering made easy and time efficient.
  • Consumer pays directly to farmer.
  • Keep history of your orders, your customers/suppliers, and your comments for future reference.
  • Farmers have the option to make a receipt from an order, and store all receipts.

  • Improve consumer access to locally produced food.
  • Help farmers get more dollars for their products.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from food being transported long distances. Reduce the use of packing materials, and energy used to store food.

  • Taste: Local food tastes better than food shipped long distances. Food that is transported long distances is picked before it is ripe to help withstand extended travel.
  • Support local economy: Buying local keeps your money in your community, and can help to create jobs. When buying directly from a farmer all or most of the money goes to the farmer.
  • Environment: By buying locally you help reduce a great amount of fossil fuel used to transport food long distances, paper and plastic used to keep food fresh, energy burnt to keep the food in refrigerators to stay fresh longer, preservatives that keep food from spoiling.
  • Health: Getting to know the farmers growing your food means you can talk directly to them and find out what they do with your food.