What is is a Web service that connects consumers with farmers.
Inquire about produce and price, check availability, all in one place.
Ordering made easy and time efficient. Consumer chooses produce, adds to the shopping cart, confirms an order. An e-mail message is sent to a farmer with order details. The farmer contacts the consumer about payment and delivery.
No payment is processed through this Web service - consumer pays directly to a farmer.
Both consumer and farmer can check their orders at any time.
Keep history of your orders, your customers/suppliers, and your comments for future reference.
For farmers: option to make a receipt from an order, store and search receipts.

Sign up

1. In order to sign up you must first read and accept the Terms and the Privacy Policy .
2. We need your valid e-mail address to process your sing up request. Your e-mail address will be used to send you a confirmation. We do this to prevent automated signing up.
3. Once you receive a confirmation e-mail follow the link from within the message. Enter your e-mail address, and the confirmation code from the message. Click Continue. This will complete you sign up process. Remember to use your user name and password to log in, not the confirmation code.
Consumers are required to leave their name, address, telephone and e-mail address if they wish to register. Farmers need to have these information to be able to contact the consumer about delivery and payment.

I forgot my password

For farmers: Go to I forgot my password for farmers.
For consumers: Go to I forgot my password for consumers.

Farm search

Go to Home and enter you search criteria. Search by farm name (full name or contains a word), town, province/state and product keyword. Ability to search for multiple products: hold shift key while selecting produce in the list. Click Search button.

Add to shopping cart

Click on produce. A small window appears. Enter the quantity. Click Add.

View content of the shopping cart

Click on the shopping cart icon from My account, Farm view, or My orders pages. Click Close to close the pages (no changes to the shopping cart. Click Remove to remove items from the shopping cart. Click Order to proceed with ordering.

Remove from the shopping cart

Click on the shopping icon. Click Remove button. Option to remove an individual item or entire content per farmer.

Confirm order

In your shopping cart click Order button. A new window opens with the details of your order including your name and the farmer's info. Click Confirm to confirm order. When you click Confirm an e-mail message is sent to the farmer with your order.

View my orders

After you log in go to Orders. You can search by order number, view orders by status, or view all of your orders. You can also search your past orders by order number, date range, produce keyword. In addition farmers can search by customer's last name, consumers search by farm name. To see all order's phases check on View full cycle in history search.

Order status

When consumer places an order status is New.
Farmer can accept an order - status becomes Accepted.
Farmer may decide to postpone an order - status becomes Postponed.
Once order is completed farmer can change status to Completed.
Farmer can also reject an order.
Farmer can change status of an order from New to Accepted, New to Postponed, New to Deleted, Postponed to Accepted, Postponed to Deleted, Accepted to Completed, Accepted to Deleted.
Consumers cannot change status of an order.


Feature for farmers only: optionally make receipts from an order. Accept order, click on Make receipt button. Click Exit&Save. Printer friendly version also available.
View all your saved receipts, and search by receipt number.

Update produce for ordering

Log in. Go to Produce. Add new produce description, unit, and price. Update and delete existing produce. Produce from this list is what consumers can add to the shopping cart and order.

My customers / My suppliers

Log in. Go to My customers / My suppliers.

How do I change my password?

Go to My Account.

The length of password

Password must be between 4 and 8 characters long (inclusive).

How do I change my profile?

Go to My Account.

'Remember me' option

If you check 'Remember me' option will remember your username and password on your current computer. Next time you login from that computer you do not have to type your username and password. This option should not be used when logging in from a public access computer.
In order for this feature to work your browser must be set to accept cookies.

Disable your account, remove yourself from

Please send us a request for removal to .

Upload image

For farmers: you may choose to upload an image for display in your farm view page. Image is a file of either JPEG or GIF type, size up to 160Kb, dimensions up to 898x206px. We attempt to place your image within 48 hours.

Remove uploaded image

Once you upload your image there is option to remove it. Go to your Farm Profile. Check option 'Remove an existing picture' and click Save.

JavaScript uses JavaScript. In order to use enable JavaScript in your browser.

Log out

To log out from the click on Sign out