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  • From the comfort of your home see what local farmers have to offer, check pricing and availability, and order. More and more people want to buy locally but do not have time to drive to the farms. Instead of making numerous phone calls to inquire what is available and where, and at what price, get all the information here.
  • Ordering is quick and easy. Choose products and add to your shopping cart. When you confirm your order the farmer receives a notification. A farmer will contact you about the delivery. You pay directly to the farmer. No payment is processed through this Web site. You can check the status of your orders at any time.
  • Keep a history of your orders, your suppliers, and your comments for future reference.
  • You will have to register first if you wish to order. You will have to provide your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Farmers need all this information to contact you about delivery and payment.
  • There is no fee for consumers.